Outside, children learn about risk, build self-esteem and courage, they feel happier and healthier and they learn about their environment. Children need to run through woodland and wade up streams, they need to come home exhausted with tangled hair from crawling through hedges and scrapes from climbing trees.  They need to get lost and in doing so find themselves.

Wild Woodwalks

Wildwood is our base camp in the woods.  An area we visit each week where we come to play.  Rain or shine, whatever the weather we are out there together.  Our time outside is child led but sometimes we follow themes, share ideas and develop our practical skills. If you would like to join us for some FREE wild play in Beckenham Place Park Woods

please do get in touch.

email wildonesforestschool@gmail.com with the SUBJECT wildwood walks





build confidence, self esteem and independence

are a place for creativity & self expression, individually and inclusively 

encourage awareness of the diversity which surrounds us 

and to work in harmony with it. 

develops critical new skills, taking risks and understanding safety  

stimulate communication


Things we can be found doing... 



running, jumping, climbing,

sorting, counting, collecting,balancing, 

making dens,

making leaf kebabs & broomsticks,

having grass showers, leaf showers and sometimes snow showers!

chalk drawing, mud painting,



cloud gazing,

animal & bird spotting,

whittling Elder - under close supervision using knives and hacksaws

and playing with lots and lots of sticks!



Often children’s biggest hurdle is their parents!  Give them space, the freedom they need, encouragement to let go and watch them get wild.

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